people & practice

Prairie Architects Inc. brings over 30 years of professional experience in Sustainable Architecture in a diversity of projects. The firm is managed by Principals Damien Fenez, Melissa McAlister, Lindsay Oster, and Jamie Kozak. We have a current staff of 20 registered Architects, Architecture graduates, designers, sustainability specialists, an Interior Designer, plus support staff. We are registered to practice in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. We have developed a reputation for a participatory design process that involves client groups in the design of new buildings, historic restoration projects, First Nation projects, and in energy conserving green buildings. The firm has a long history with green buildings and incorporates sustainability into all of its projects. Prairie Architects Inc. approaches each new design with sensitivity to the context and the history of the particular situation, and with an awareness of the possibilities of new functions, materials, and construction techniques. We strive for buildings with character, texture, and light to reflect the realities of life and to create environments with wholeness and delight.