Post-Occupancy Surveys

A Post-Occupancy Survey is a process of evaluating buildings in a systematic and rigorous manner after they have been built and occupied for some time. After a building has been occupied for over a year, a post-occupancy survey or evaluation can be completed to ensure that the building is functioning as designed. Building occupants are asked a series of questions anonymously about their work or living space and common areas of the building. For the building occupants, topics for questions can range from human comfort issues such as temperature, noise levels, lighting levels, and indoor air quality, to interior finishes and sustainable knowledge of the building. Surveys for building operators typically include questions about the energy performance, water usage, and maintenance of the systems. These evaluations can also include discussions with the design team and may be supplemented with environmental testing. Results are compiled and presented to building Owners to complete the feedback loop for everyone involved in the project, troubleshoot any issues that may arise, and to inform future decisions within the building and for future building projects.