residential :: Eco 4 Horace

LEED® for Homes Gold

193 Horace St., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Dobie Properties Ltd.

Merit Construction Services

S/ Wolfrom Eng. Ltd.
M/ Faraci Eng. Ltd.

5,200 sf

$1 Million

Completed 2008

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The design for the Eco4Plex was based on Prairie’s earlier prize winning entry for the CMHC Net Zero Healthy House competition. The four unit building was deigned for a local developer who wanted a small prototype condominium that could be repeatable in 50 foot lots scattered throughout the city.

The design creates a single entrance into a central hallway cutting from front to back through the building with a central atrium bringing light into the core of the building. The intent was to create a LEED sustainable building while at the same time providing each dwelling with direct yard space opening from living areas, rooftop green roofs, flexibility to determine the interior space formation from one master suite to three bedroom suites all in the same footprint. The contemporary styling and extensive glazing provide a dynamic design well suited to a variety of neighbourhoods. Advanced building envelope design and options for sustainable features such as solar domestic hot water, solar walls, natural daylight harvesting, low flow fixtures, natural material selection etc, provide a dramatically sustainable residence. The project was awarded LEED for Homes Gold certification.