sustainable design

For a building to be sustainable it must not only be ecologically balanced but be economically feasible and socially responsible. Prairie Architects believes that the smarter way to build is to balance these 3 aspects of sustainable design. At the city, community, and building scales, a sustainable design should; have minimal impact on its ecosystem, be energy and water efficient, and provide a healthy environment for its inhabitants to live and work in. Additionally, we understand that a sustainable building is an cost efficient building, and as a result we strive for innovative sustainable solutions that enable building owners to further benefit from reduced overall operating costs.

All Prairie Architects Inc. projects are initially evaluated to identify sustainable opportunities prior to commencing design. We have a Sustainable Building group, who undertakes an assessment of potential green building options and appropriate third party rating systems such as LEED Certification or the Living Building Challenge.   In depth consultation with our clients will help to outline essential sustainability directives and identify energy objectives. In addition, we assist the client to identify and apply for sustainable building incentives, a service which is included within the Sustainable Project Management fees. Our firm is deeply rooted in sustainability and community as outlined in our vision statement.

We have been able to streamline our sustainable architecture process making it a part of our standard project delivery model. Examples of current Sustainable Designs are available here.