sustainable :: Churchill Northern Studies Centre

LEED® Silver

1 Launch Rd., Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Churchill Northern Studies Centre

Penn-Co Construction Ltd.

S/ Crosier Kilgour & Partners
M/ Enermodal Eng. Ltd.
E/ Enermodal Eng. Ltd.

28,000 sf

$19 Million

Completed 2011

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The Churchill Northern Studies Centre is a 28,000 sf self-contained living module for the non-profit client on a remote site 23 km east of Churchill next to the historic rocket range.

The long shape of the building is designed to allow the strong northwest winds to scour snow away from the building. This reduces operating costs for snow clearing, a daily task to ensure curious polar bears don’t have access to the facility by snowdrifts. Further scouring of snow around the building is facilitated by raising the main floor from grade, the tapered west end and rounded roof to wall transition. The form of the building was inspired by the utilitarian practicality of a Bombardier B12 snow bus of the 1950’s, matched with the warmth of an insulated hood of a winter parka. The building is clad in pre-finished metal cladding to combat the harsh climate and durability requirements – and is reminiscent of the original rocket range buildings.

The interior is formed by large glulam structure, and the new facility which is filled with natural daylight, contains sleeping accommodation for 88 persons including staff, visiting scientists and students; 5,000sf of science laboratories for a variety of northern scientific studies, support facilities including a commercial kitchen, dining halls for 120 persons, fitness facilities, classrooms and administration offices to compliment the existing building’s renovated use.

The new research station is certified LEED® Silver, and was designed through an Integrated Design Process. This building strives towards exceptional energy efficiencies to keep yearly operational costs down and uses innovative technologies applicable to the Northern climate to reduce reliance on outside services and utilities.

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Integrated Design Team

Owner: Churchill Northern Studies Centre, Michael Goodyear, Executive Director

Project Manager: Integrated Designs Inc.

Structural Engineer: Crosier Kilgour & Partners Ltd.

Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Enermodal Engineering

Construction Manager: Penn-co Construction

Commissioning Agent: Integrated Designs Inc.